Giovanni Bellini – Tempera grassa and mixed media

In the paintings of this period there is a use of new techniques: oil emulsified with egg (tempera grassa) and also a succession of layers in tempera and oil (mixed technique).


Raphael – Oil painting in Italy

“It was a beautiful invention and a great commodity to the art of painting to find the color in oil”, said Giorgio Vasari. Indeed the new technique …


Vermeer – The Seventeenth Century in Holland

Bright colors, prominency of light elements and transparency of shadows painted on a brilliant primer are the distinctive features of Flemish painting. During the Seventeenth Century …

Van Eyck

Van Eyck – Oil painting in Flanders

Flemish painting of the Fifteenth Century is characterized by a limpid and glazed material obtained by successive superimpositions of thin mixtures. The oil binder …