Priming – Video

In modern and specialized literature, the term “primer” indicates the finishing layer of a preparation, characterized by limited thickness and a smooth and uniform surface, in order to facilitate the gliding of brush strokes.

The mestica – Video

The “mestica” is a colored primer characterized by the use of fatty substances, clay, fixed oils or greasy paints, however quite distinct from the most ancient gypsum and glue preparation.

Gypsum and glue ground preparation – Video

The operational precepts are extensively described by Cennino Cennini (The Book of Art, late Fourteenth Century) who, specifying the various fundamental phases for a preparation with gypsum and glue, handed down the customs typical of Mediterranean countries.

Caravaggio – The Seventeenth Century technique in Italy

There is a close relationship between the ground preparation and the technique of applying the color. With the spread of the free canvas on the stretcher support, this relationship …


The stucco is a mixture consisting of a binder and a powdery or granular charge, generally gypsum and animal glue (but also slaked lime, marble dust, sand, etc.) dissolved in …

Relining methods

In the restoration of paintings, relining or lining, is the operation aimed at consolidating the canvas of a painting by applying a new canvas on it using adhesive materials.