How to prepare gypsum with rabbit glue

How to prepare gypsum for in-filling and for the preparation of gypsum and glue: weigh 10 grams of rabbit glue in grains or ground, and put it to soak for a few hours …

Giovanni Bellini – Tempera grassa and mixed media

In the paintings of this period there is a use of new techniques: oil emulsified with egg (tempera grassa) and also a succession of layers in tempera and oil (mixed technique).

Giovanni Fattori – The macchiaioli technique

Giovanni Fattori’s technique involves a drawing executed directly on the surface of the wood without any preparation. The support is often obtained from cigar boxes …

Graffito in gilding – Video

A technique used in gilding, “graffito” allows to obtain small highlights or gilded decorations on colored backgrounds.

Color alterations

The primary function of the finishing varnish layer is to protect the paint from external agents. Contact with air and pollution can lead to …


Raphael – Oil painting in Italy

“It was a beautiful invention and a great commodity to the art of painting to find the color in oil”, said Giorgio Vasari. Indeed the new technique …