The drawing

The drawing is a set of signs, points, strokes and hatches of different densities that organize a flat surface.

Luca Cambiaso (1527 – 1585)

A mental image

The stroke, at the base of the drawing, is a simplification, a transposition of a visual or mental image onto a two-dimensional space.

There is no defined line in nature

The outside world appears as a juxtaposition of surfaces and colors, only the outlines of the objects seem to form lines that in reality do not exist.

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“Un’apparente dimostrazione con linee di quelle cose, che prima l’uomo con l’animo si aveva concepite, e nell’idea immaginate; al che s’avvezza la mano con lunga pratica, ad effetto di far con quello esse cose comparire”.
Filippo Baldinucci, 1681