History of artistic diagnostics

Si dice che il pittore bergamasco Fra’ Galgario possedendo un dipinto tizianesco avesse compiuto dei tentativi di “esami stratigrafici” giacché con “un coltellino aveva indagato la struttura degli strati pittorici”.

Preparatory drawing

The preparatory drawing is carried out, by means of the contour line to which chiaroscuro can be added, using a liquid or dry medium. A scheme of materials and procedures …

Decorative interventions – Video

Paste-print reliefs, insertion of glass stones, engravings, punching, graining and other procedures used in the gilding of paintings to obtain the maximum brightness and splendor of the surface.

Graffito in gilding – Video

A technique used in gilding, “graffito” allows to obtain small highlights or gilded decorations on colored backgrounds.

Shell gold technique – Video

Shell gilding or “nicchia” (niche) gilding is achieved by mixing gold dust with a binder and then spreading the mixture with a brush.

Oil gilding – Video

Among the various techniques used for the gilding of a painting, the oil gilding technique involves the use of an oleo-resinous mordant to allow the adhesion of the gold leaf.