Perspectographs – Video

The tools used to verify the correct two-dimensional representation of forms in physical space used from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Century.

The darkroom – Video

Darkroom, a more or less complex optical device that allows the painter to translate the complexity of a three-dimensional figure on a two-dimensional surface.

Squaring – Video

The squaring, a system of carrying over the drawing, mostly aimed at its enlargement, based on the ratio of the squares measured on the original and those traced to scale …

Caravaggio – The Seventeenth Century technique in Italy

There is a close relationship between the ground preparation and the technique of applying the color. With the spread of the free canvas on the stretcher support, this relationship …

Ground preparations – Introduction- Video

Layer or set of the first layers of material applied to the support to obtain a suitable surface for pigments according to the painting technique adopted.